Make the courts earn!

Booking system
Marketplace platform
Automating tennis courts
For both tennis and padel courts
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Booking system for court owners

Less cost

Automate your court and enjoy independence

MyGames "Court in the box" solution allows you to make your tennis or padel courts completely self-serving by managing bookings, payments, access, lighting and other features. This way, you'll save money and you will enjoy more free time.

More income

Better occupancy by involving the MyGames tennis community

Increase the visibility of your courts by using the MyGames booking-and marketplace platform. Users of our app can now see all available times from their smartphone. Create campaigns to sell even more times on your tennis court.



Overview of bookings

Automation of courts

Create campaigns

Maintaining customer groups

Payment solutions and statistics

How does it work?

Player makes a booking and pays for it in the MyGames app or on the web

The court door opens with a unique code or directly from the mobile

Players enter the field and the lights come on automatically when needed

The lights go out and the door closes when the playing time is up and the players are gone

Joining is easy!


Create personal/business account


Create a profile for the centre


Set up courts


Sell available times!

"An extra added bonus is that the users of the MyGames can see all the courts, and thanks to that, a lot of new players have found their way to our tennis court. In one week of this year, the occupancy of the court and the associated income have been in the same range as in the whole month last year."

Director of Uulu Primary School

Manager of Uulu tennis court

"A really simple and stress-free solution. The tennis court earns income without me having to go on-site at the same time. And I can always get an overview of payments and reservations if I want to. The administrative burden is gone and I can use the free time to play tennis myself!"

Anneli Metsa, AS SA.MET

Manager of Demo Court

Better occupancy with less effort!

Less administration and more income with MyGames!

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