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What does MyGame offer You?

Find opportunities to play

Did you know, that on regular tennis sessions there are plenty of vacancies daily, where the substitute player could be you?

On MyGames, you will find tennis games at various levels. If you wish to join the game, simply follow the game and you will start to receive notifications on the vacant spots.
Find the right players

It has never been easier to find a substitute player to your permanent court time!

Create a game, invite friends to join and those interested to follow. If any of the members of the game is not being able to participate, you will easily find a substitute from those who are following.
Boost your game experience

More tennis, more game opportunities!

Do you wish to play more tennis or reach next level? Find more tennis partners and different games in an easy way!

How does MyGames work?


Find appropriate tennis games!

The Future for the Friends of MyGames

Coming soon!

MyGames wishes to become the number 1 environment for every tennis lover. Soon we will offer solutions also in other issues related to tennis!
Arrangement, registration, statistics, tracking
Centres and courts
Management and booking of tennis courts
Management and booking of training sessions
Management of members and club activities, different challenges

How was MyGame born?

Janno & Margus

from a simple idea

As sports lovers and active tennis players, we are happy to see the rise of tennis popularity. At the same time we have experienced different situations, where everyday activities related to tennis have become out of date or are unreasonably time-consuming.

Our goal is to change the activities related to tennis to become easy, digital and playful. We wish, that each person interested in tennis could practice his/her hobby to the maximum extent We hope to offer many valuable solutions to the tennis community!


with whom we are changing the world of tennis!